~To be a voice for the widowed and orphaned, the poor and oppressed.

~To come along side & unite with those who have heeded the call to "go ye into all the world".

~To inspire others to use their gifts to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How this began...

I have felt burdened for a long time now by the stories I read of the orphaned children around the world. Children that have no food to eat, no Mom and Dad to tuck them in at night, nor even a bed to sleep on. I also see the photos of the sick and diseased widows that are bone thin that have been forsaken and abused. I have read the stories and I have wept!

I recently cried out aloud to the LORD saying "I don't understand! I know You created me and You must have put this deep burden to do something on my heart. PLEASE show me what I am to do! Thank You for giving me a heart that cares, a heart that hurts for them. But, I don't want to simply sit here and weep for them - I want to be YOUR hands & feet to them!! PLEASE open a door for me!"

My dilemma was I wanted to go; To go to Haiti, go to Africa! I wanted my family to be called of the LORD to be Missionaries in another country. I wanted to be HIS hands physically touching/holding the orphaned child. I wanted to be HIS feet physically walking the dirt roads of another country to bring someone food.
Yet, for right now anyways, I believe our family is where the Lord wants us. So, what was I to do with this heart ache I felt for these people?

Thankfully, the Lord is faithful and hears our cries. After I cried out to Him He quickly began to open my eyes to how I could be used of Him. He began to show me how I can use the gifts He has given me to be His hands and feet right where I am!

*I can use my hands to write and be a voice for the orphaned, the widowed, the poor, and the oppressed. I can share their stories. I can help make them not just a face that others overlook but a person that others cannot forget!

*I can use my feet to run! That's right, run! The LORD has made me to be a natural runner. I can use even that gift to train for marathons & do charity runs to raise money.

*I can unite with those who have heeded the call to go. I can give them a place to share their story. I can spread the word about their ministry and I can raise funds to aid them in the mission the Lord has given them.

Thus, "Hands & Feet United" was born.
Thank You Jesus for hearing my cry!