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Monday, October 4, 2010

The terror that plagues Uganda

For over 20 years there has been a horrific conflict in Uganda. It is a battle led by what is known as "The Lord's Resistance Army" with a man by the name of Joseph Koney at the helm. In 1987 the military group was formed rebelling against the Uganda Government.
Joseph Koney a witch doctor turned self proclaimed "spokesperson for God" made a very twisted claim that his aim was to make Uganda into a state based on the 10 commandments. The actions of this wicked man go entirely against the ways of our LORD, the creator of life. Joseph Koney is not a prophet of the LORD Jesus but a vile follower of the prince of darkness.
At the height of the conflict when little boys in America were catching frogs, playing baseball, and going fishing, boys in Uganda were living in paralyzing fear of being abducted by the LRA and being forced to be child soldiers. Child soldiers are trained and forced against their will to brutally kill, often beginning with their own siblings and parents. While little girls in America were playing dress up and catching butterflies, little girls in Uganda were living in terror of being kidnapped and taken as sex-slaves for the LRA soldiers.
Even now, after 20 years, these fears are still real and legitimate. While children in America cuddle up in their beds and drift off to sleep, thousands of children in Uganda, from toddlers to teenagers, flee to larger cities for the night. These children sometimes walk up to 12 miles a night to find a place of safety to help ensure that they will not be abducted in the night by the Lord's Resistance Army. In 2002 the UN estimated that 25,000 children had been abducted but more recent information suggests that the number is possibly two to three times that!

If there were ever a place in need of help it is Uganda. If ever a place in need of the hope of a loving Savior it is Uganda.
Follow this site to find out in the coming weeks and months ways that you can be the hands & feet of Jesus by coming along side the hurting people of Uganda.

Written by: Joanna

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