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~To come along side & unite with those who have heeded the call to "go ye into all the world".

~To inspire others to use their gifts to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

God provides... Jesus to Jinja project fundraiser update

I am thrilled to say that by the grace of God I was able to complete the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 9th! The total that was given to the "Jesus to Jinja Project" was $880.77!!
Thank you SO much to those who gave. Thank you Jesus for the way you provide and answer prayer!

As the weeks went on in my fundraising for the orphan home I will admit I was a little surprised that more people had not had the desire to get behind the project. When looking at the fact that I had only raised one fourth the amount I had hoped to I was feeling disappointed. I prayed about it saying "Lord, I don't understand. I believe you put this on my heart to do. What do you want me to learn from this?" After praying about it I had such a peace. I was reminded that it was not about me and how much money I could raise. It was about being obedient to what the LORD put on my heart and trusting HIM with the results - maybe HE wanted to use someone else. I felt at peace that despite that the money had not been raised that I hoped for, to help these precious children, that God still had a purpose in me doing it and HE would take care of those little children. I remember praying again as we were leaving for our trip to Florida about the whole thing. I asked the LORD to help me complete what HE put on my heart to do despite that not a lot of money had been raised. I didn't want that to lessen my zeal. I concluded with asking that if HE was willing would HE please put it on some people's hearts to give generously - even yet. I knew if HE wanted $800 raised through this run HE didn't need weeks to do it.

That evening we got a phone message on my husband's cell phone as we were traveling to Florida from a dear friend. She said she wanted to make sure that I saw my fundraising page before I ran the race. She knew I would want to see what had happened that day. When I finally had access to a computer and looked at the fundraising site the day before the marathon I saw that a very special family had given a donation of six hundred dollars that day!!! I was completely overwhelmed by their generosity (and the loving words they expressed to me) and in awe of God's faithfulness. Their donation took the total raised above the fundraising goal. I cried. God is so faithful.

Thank you Jesus for loving the orphaned children of Jinja, Uganda. Thank you for putting it on the hearts of Warm Blankets Orphan Care Intl. and ICM to build them a much needed new home!
Bless that home - pour out Your Spirit upon it. May the children know of your great love for them and that You are the father to the fatherless. Thank you that I, along with those who gave, could be a part of what you are doing there.

P.S. Something else very special... as I hit the 13 mile mark (half point in the race) there was music blaring out from alongside the course. Do you know what words I heard being sung right as I passed the half way point??? "This is for Africa, This is for Africa". SERIOUSLY. Tears came to my eyes and I had to keep myself from getting too emotional (as I start to hyperventilate when I get emotional when running! LOL) Jesus, YOU were being my cheerleader and showed me love by orchestrating that special moment - YOU spurred me on. Thank you for doing Marathons LORD.



  1. Thank you for your desire to help people on my continent.It's so sad. We love each other,we want to help, but seriously..we are just too poor.And it's not because of laziness.Thank you for being your 'brother's keeper.'God bless

  2. Thandi,
    I so appreciated your comment and your loving gratitude. I remember you following my other blog and appreciated things you expressed to me there also. God put the desire in me to want to do something for the children of Africa - so HE gets the praise for anything accomplished. I soappreciate your expression of thanks.